Withdrawls & Refunds

All school/hostel fee and charges, whether paid once or in half yearly installment, will be deemed to haw been paid no term basis and net on monthly or prorata basis. Therefore, once a student has been admitted to the school and/or the hostel after payment of his/her admission fee and School Maintenance Charge, and all the other changes for Bus/Mess, or Hostel, as the case may be, no refund would be allowed if the child is withdrawn from the school, for whatever reason before 30th September If however fee/charge, have been paid for the whole year, fee charges for the first term only would be adjusted and the balance refunded if the student is withdraw, before the 30th of August. Therefore  a  parent/guardian  wishing  to withdraw his/her ward from the school or its hostel from

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the second term, must give one month's written notice to the principal/manager on or before the 30th of August that the student's name may be struck off from the registers by the  1st of September, else all the free/charges for the whole year including the second term shall be leviable. Similarly, a parent/guardian wishing to withdraw his/her ward from the next academic session must give on, month’s written notice to the Principal/Manager on or before the 31st March so that the school leaving certificate may be issued soon after the result declaration of final examination. If these rules are not followed, it would be assumed that the student shall continue and his/her name would be entered in school registers for next class and the school charges would then be leviable for the 1st term of next academic session.



The following rules shall be observed strictly:


1.  The student shall be regular and punctual and avail absence only as  granted/sanctioned.


2.  The student shall be neatly dressed in the prescribed school uniform for the session.


3.  No student shall speak any language other than English while in the school campus and 

     while traveling in the bus.


4.  Student will observe perfect silence while the class is in progress. They shall not make 

     noise in the corridors or loiter around.


5.  Student are expected to be courteous, polite. well mannered, honest, truthful,

      respectful and obedient towards the teachers, all elders and visitors.


6.   The student shall bring his/her diary every day without fail.


7.   Any vulgarity, indecent, unruly or disorderly behavior will be reprimanded.


8.   Any student found guilty of any proven misconduct or an act of misdemeanor involving moral turpitude will be Iiable for expulsion & the decision of the head of the institution in that regard shall be final and binding.


Hostel Rules & Regulations

1.  Without permission of the competent, authority entering in the Hostel Campus is prohibited. It will be treated as an offence.


2.   Parents are here by required to follow the timings notified by the Chief Warden to avoid any inconvenience.


3.    No leave will be granted in between the term. Parent can plan their Holidays as per the vacation schedule of the Academy.


4.    In case of illness, leave will be granted by the Principal: seek prior permission for the same.


5.    Student will only be allowed to keep the articles/material, as per the list approved by the competent authority.


6.    Keeping Mobile Phone, Cash, jewellery, other valuable items, eatables, electronic equipment, sharp edged material or anything apart from the list provided by the Hostel authority is prohibited. In case any thing is seized from the student he/she will be expelled from the Hostel and further may be from the Academy. School/Hostel authorities will not be responsible for any loss or  theft of any of the items which are not aIIowed to keep in the Hostel.


7.   The Hostel facility will only be provided to the student after personal interview. The conduct and behaviour will be closely observed for continuing his/her admission in the Hostel.


8.   Using filthy, abusive language, indiscipline, act of gross misconduct, violating the instructions of the warden, arrogant and disorderly behaviour, elope from the Hostels, beating or teasing co‑student, continuous unauthorized absence from the Hostel/Academy and non-payment of fee are certain causes under which the student will be immediately expelled from the Hostel and / or from the Academy too.


9.    If any student is receiving medication, the chief warden/medical officer must be informed.

      No Hosteller will be admitted without the approval / prior check‑up of the medical officer.


10.  Smoking/consumption of alcohol/liquor/drugs/tobacco in any form is strictly prohibited. Any student found under its influence will be expelled from the Hostel/Academy.



Parent-Teacher Association

The school attached much significance to the role and responsibility of the parent and guardian. A proper line of communication will be maintained with them and any feedback from them would be of immense value. Parent/guardians are expected not to engage private tutor for their ward by Gyan Ganga Teachers at home except with the prior written permission of the Principal, which may be considered in case of very weak student or for reason of long absence due to sickness. Parents wishing to discuss the progress of their ward with the teaching staff may visit the school taking prior appointment with the Principal or the time notified by the Principal through the circular. However for any urgent purpose or In special exigencies, they may meet the principal and/or the management.


Parent are expected to ensure proper observance of school discipline by their wards and see that the children are regular and punctual and come to the school neatly dressed in the prescribed uniform. They must also go through the student's diary every day for any message, notice and report. Suggestions made by parents  in a co‑operative and constructive spirit would be most welcome and accorded due consideration.



The management reserves the right to add, alter, amend and/or rescind any of the rules contained in this prospectus at any time at its discretion, which will be binding on parents/guardians/students. It would be presumed that parents/guardians and pupils have read and accepted the contents of this prospectus, as the rules and conventions of the school to be in force, from time to time.