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The Philosophy

   Children epitomise hopes, dreams, ...the Future and just like the skilled hands of a potter, a school moulds the child, resulting in a person groomed to realise his or her true potential as an individual. 


   In the Gyan Ganga Educational Academy, we think of ourselves as skilled potters :-Imparting knowledge beyond the prescribed  curriculum, inculcating a healthy respect and understanding of traditional values, yet firing the imagination, to help nurture worthy citizens.

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To empower our student to be academically excellent, holistic with scientific temperament in the cause of excellence in education. 



To prepare the student for achieving overall development of personality and to become a responsible citizen with virtues like self‑discipline sense of duty, enthusiasm and endeavour to acquire physical, moral and spiritual attainments.


   To achieve their goals, opportunities are provided to the students to think for themselves and develop individuality.



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